how we get stuck.

Posted: April 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

i have no motivation to get better
until you admit that what i have is wrong.
but you cannot say it
because you gave me everything i have.
you made me everything i am.

so if you want better
then say it.
say what you gave me was wrong.
and fucking apologize.

because i’m tired of this merry-go-round.
you extricate yourself from my life
and curse me for being
so unsatisfactory

say the magic words
not please or thank you
“i was wrong”
“i’m sorry”
“i’m not fucking perfect”

watch my anger
watch the years of anger
fade away
watch the tears i never shed
while you pretended not to know
that i bled instead.

watch me learn new things
watch me grow

if only you would stop telling me
i have nothing to feel bad for.

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