The Root

Posted: February 24, 2011 in immigrant angst

They look at me with disgust
And I finally understand
Why all these things
Have to happen to me

I don’t deserve any better
They make it plain
While carting off my people
For offending the rich.

This is how we suffer
For the sins of our parents’ greed
We are eaten up by our conquerors
Lured into their trap
Like flies to a sticky grave

What can we do?
Simply whine and fight?
Can we escape?

There is nowhere to run in this
Harsh country
That doesn’t even leave a place
For the pioneers who broke their backs
Building it

Nothing is sacred
To the ones pursuing
Endless money
Endless power

White, Black, Hispanic, and Asian alike
Fed illusions and delusions
Then sacrificed
We lay bloated on the scale
As they trample us dry

There is nothing we can do
Is there?
Nothing at all
Except cry.

Declare a day of weeping
And mourning
Fall on the ground
And let loose reality.

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