Learning My Place

Posted: February 24, 2011 in immigrant angst

Letting go
Of everything I want
And everything I think I need
Except the most insignificant things
Like where I will get my hair cut
And who I will play with today.

Because I am a child of immigrants
An unwanted, dysfunctional monster
Created by the greed of corporations
And the greed of the gullible poor
Searching for a way to escape powerlessness
And poverty.

Instead of learning
To accept my fate.

The policemen tower over me
If they are ever sympathetic,
I can’t tell.
They take their reports of violence
But give me the distinct impression
That I’ve just gotten what I deserve.

I should thank them
For putting me in my place
Who am I to call for help
Aren’t I here to suffer?
Who said that America brings the poor here
To lead better lives?

Who said?

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